Dr Ewald Crause

Welcome to another edition of PsyTalk, our quarterly bulletin showcasing the work of PsySSA’s Divisions, Standing Committees and Branches. We trust that you will find the content topical and relevant to our context where we choose to practice our profession.

The current issue is dedicated to the field of telepsychology and includes links and resources to what is deemed by many “the new kid on the block.” We have seen, and have been exposed to, the significant acceleration in our personal and professional lives towards using ICT as a means of communication and even within professional practice. Although some have embraced this development and have come to terms with this ‘new’ way of doing things, not all have been so positive to accept a changed world. Some even have questioned their own viability as a service provider and only see the doom and gloom often associated with an “unknown” such as this. As psychological services providers we have a responsibility to become part of the conversation around the use of telepsychology in a context where technology previously was juxtaposed to the face to face contact we deem as essential to the therapeutic process. Indeed interesting times.

On a different yet related subject, I recently had a discussion with a colleague around his career planning and the inevitable “what is next in your life question.” This colleague had found it increasingly difficult to adapt to the demands and expectations of clients especially when it came to utilizing ICT in his practice, i.e., something he was not prepared for nor felt comfortable to engage in. His current career concerns were does driven by new developments outside of the realm of psychology yet intimately impacting his professional space. And that got me thinking. How do I feel about the ‘space’ that I occupy as a psychologist? How ready am I to adapt to the world we now live in? Although I am more than contempt with my current position in life, the question initiated an interesting process of reflection about life and career, but specifically…where is this journey taking me?

The reflection was particularly interesting as, on a parting note, my colleague uttered the following words as we said our goodbyes…

“We are all looking for a bit of inspiration”

Upon reflection and also revisiting my own personal career and life goals I had to concur… “I too am looking for a bit of inspiration.”

Seeing that we work in the field of mental healthcare many of you would know the feeling of conversing with a client around factors affecting their life. Most of my discussions in the last couple of years with students, clients, parents of clients, colleagues and acquaintances on some level have shared this underlying motivator for change in their lives. The challenge now is “where do we find this inspiration that everyone seems to be looking for?” Is it possible that technology could potentially be a source of inspiration for those who have seen and heard everything? Is there the slightest chance that the ethical use of ICT could possibly extend the reach of mental healthcare to those most in need? For these questions I do not have the answers yet, but I’d rather position myself as close to the conversation as possible.

And while typing away with the lingering pursuit of “looking for a bit of inspiration” I received a message from another colleague of mine. The subject line grabbed my attention and what follows is the bit of ‘inspiration’ I needed at a particularly difficult point in my career.

I’ve attached the video below for your reference.

Video from https://greatbigminds.com/

Kind regards,

PsyTalk Ed

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