Improve your online profile and visibility

We have received feedback from our members on how we could improve the PsySSA Directory. Some of the additions requested was to include:

  1. A section where practitioners can provide details on their preferred psychotherapeutic approach and orientation
  2. Treatment area/s, and
  3. Client focus (i.e., which specific age groups the therapist has expertise in)

These features have now been added and all members may update their profile by logging into their membership account. We have also added the ability to upload a photo which we feel is a great way to connect our members to potential clients.

Please remember, by selecting the option of being include in the PsySSA Directory you indicate that you conform to all requirements of practicing as a service provider i.e.:

  1. Registration with the HPCSA (independent practitioner) and
  2. That you are in good standing with the HPCSA


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