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Student Division would like to welcome Justine Du Plooy in her newly appointed position of acting chair of the division as of May 2017. We would like to wish her the very best with her role and hope that she flourishes and learns as much from this experience as she can.

Student Division is also proud to announce that two of our divisional members will be presenting and facilitating a workshop on Anger Management and Conflict Resolution Skills for the Abu Asvat Institute on the 5th of August. The presentation is being compiled with the aid of two counselling psychologists who agreed to ensure the content is of the highest standards.


We would like our readers to know that communication has been sent out for students to apply to volunteer at the 1st Pan African Psychology Conference! The event is set to be hosted at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC). Volunteers must be available from the 1721 September 2017.

As a volunteer, you get:

  • * Free Registration and access to the conference!
  • * A chance to network with professionals in the field.
  • * Add this experience to your CV!

As a member, we encourage you to use this fantastic opportunity to be in touch with their field and grow their network!

Don’t miss out!

For more information regarding the conference and our invited speakers, go to

To volunteer or for more information regarding the volunteering, please email the Volunteer Co-ordinator at

Looking forward to meeting you there!

On the 23rd of July, PsySSA SD joined PsySSA at the MTN 702 Walk the Talk to walk to raise awareness on Mental Health and its importance in the country. We are proud to say that the walk was a successful one and that our students showed spirit and solidarity for the cause that PsySSA stands for. We hope that with the support of Head Office, we can make this an annual event and get more students to walk to raise awareness on the issue.

A warm thank you to Fatima Seedat, Sumaya Laher and the Head Office staff for making the event possible and for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the cause. A big congratulations to all the students who joined the cause, you walked with spirit and made us proud.

PsySSA Student Division – Mentorship Programme – PsyTalk 3

The mentorship programme was initially started in 2016, by the student division’s previous chairperson, Shaun Nortje. At that stage, it was only to Grade 12 students who had an interested in the field of Psychology. This year however, we have extended the programme to include tertiary students.

Applicants went through a strenuous process of selection, then were paired with a peer mentor. The mentorship programme is an interactive yearlong programme between mentees and mentors, facilitated by the mentorship co-ordinator. The programme has a set curriculum which consists of two research assignments, baseline and character evaluations, voluntary work exercises, debates, and many other forms of assessment.

The mentorship subcommittee will be hosting its first event on the 6th of August. The event is set to be a picnic, in Centurion, Gauteng. At the event, various team building activities, positive critiquing, fun and games will take place, accompanied by a talk, “Life through the Eyes of a Masters’ Student”. However, the main event will be a critical discussion between mentors and mentees, surrounding gender based issues. All members of the Student Division are invited to attend!

Watch this space!

Muhammed Cassim

Mentorship Co-ordinator

Feedback article on student involvement in the recent INS Midyear Conference

The recent INS Mid-Year conference presented a fantastic opportunity for our Student Division members to network and engage within the field of Neuropsychology, in many cases for the first time. The call for student volunteers to assist at the conference allowed post-graduate and undergraduate students from across the Western Cape to sit in and learn from the key voices in the flourishing field, engaging with core debates primarily around Traumatic Brain Injury and Autism Treatments, particularly in the context of low resource environments.

A key facet of the portfolio goals for the Western Cape Student Division is the inclusion of Psychology students in the everyday discourse of Psychological practice; exposing our student body to the key debates taking place in the field today in a manner beyond that of classroom discourse. The recent volunteering programme  at the conference did exactly this, with all of the volunteers engaging directly with well-established researchers and practitioners. The Western Cape PsySSA Student Division is exceptionally grateful to the International Neuropsychological Society and the Conference organisers for creating such a fantastic opportunity, and encourages our readers to consider ways in which there might be room for the integration of psychology graduates into their business.

 Joshua Yeatman

Executive – PsySSA Student Division Regional Director Western Cape

Psych Students Serving – #Don’t Ostracise, #Rather Familiarise campaign

The PsySSA Student Division has made a conscious effort to increase our community output by hosting more community centered events. As students within the field of psychology, it seemed apt for us to once more leave our academic pursuits and help where it truly makes a difference in the lives and hearts of our community. For the first year running, Psych Students Serving is a series of outreaches aimed at being a community-based programme, created to respond uniquely to the needs of South Africa in acknowledgement of the Esidimeni Crisis. The Event held by the student division aimed to truly serve those who have mental or physical disabilities in hope that we bring awareness, compassion and aid for those affected. We, as the Student Division, centered our event on 3 main goals. These of which was, to make a difference within the South African community, empower our student members and to make a meaningful contribution to the Organisation of choice being Kungwini Welfare Organisation – Paul Jung Nickel Home.

Paul Jung Nickel Home is a facility that houses 140 adults with varying disabilities. They assess the potential of each and every individual in the home, thereafter the necessary care is provided. Over and above that the Organisation provides stimulating activities for the residents where possible, this is in the form of vocational and protective workshops. In which the home teaches the residents a craft skill. Paul Jung calls for anything that can be recycled ranging from furniture to curtains. These items are transformed by the skilled residents into a variety of goods that are sold at the annual Kungwini Christmas market. The profits of the event are then reinvested into the Organisation and used to meet their needs, catapulting their sustainability.

PsySSA Student Division made a considerable donation of household necessities and monetary donation that met a need of the Organisation as well as the South African community. The question beckons, have we empowered our Student Division, members?

The event not only aimed to break down barriers of ostracising but presented our members with an opportunity to interact within communities that they may not usually. Spending the day interacting with the residents, touring the workshops and sampling the produced goods, opened up the discussion of the campaign that was run up until the event, familiarising ourselves with all peoples rather than ostracising.  This isn’t only remarkable but challenges the limitations that society often places on individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

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