Member news:

We wish to welcome two new EC Members to our Team:

Mr. Anco Gouws has been elected as the new VC for Free State. We wish him a warm welcome and hope this addition will allow us to reach UFS students more effectively.



Unfortunately, Tarryn Kelmovitz had to resign from her post of Media and Social Network portfolio. However, we wish Mr. Alpheus Zwelakhe Makhathini all the best with his portfolio for the term ahead.




The PsySSA annual congress will be taking place in September 2016 at the Emperor’s Palace. We will require about 25 volunteers. For the students interested in Volunteering at the conference please click on the link below:

Divisional news :

Student Petition

Due to our duty to represent psychology students as PsySSA SD members we have moved to create a petition in order to raise concerns faced by our student members.

This petition addresses four main concerns as the most significant as highlighted by Student members. This petition has to acquire at least 1000 signatories before the Student Division can consider taking these concerns to PsySSA presidency and stakeholders.

The four matters are the following:

  1. No practical experience in undergraduate level, and bottleneck system for psychology students (i.e. approx 1000 students are allowed to study to become psychologists when only around 12 per scope (6%) will qualify as psychologists)
  2. ‘Useability’/Employability/other options of the B.A. Psychology Honours degree or pre-masters for those who did not make approx top 6% for masters.
  3. High need for mental health workers in South Africa, high supply of students and low output of masters students per university should be questioned.
  4. Proposed plan for that one must complete your PhD before HPCSA registration and practice.

We ask that if you would like these concerns to be raised with stakeholders to sign the petition and also contribute possible recommendations. Please share these with your colleagues.

Access this petition here:

Parent-child program hosted by Weskoppies Psychiatric hospital

The highly acclaimed Parent-child program hosted by Weskoppies Psychiatric hospital was held at the Medical Campus 5-6 July 2016. It was indeed a program that spoke to the lack of awareness surrounding the rights of children with behavioural disorders. Prof Skelton at the Center for child law highlighted that although there might be a legal framework for institutional support for children with behavioural disorders it is yet to be seen coming to full fruition and implementation. Ms. Ricket and Ms. Nortje presented on the effect that trauma can have on the brain especially structural changes that can overdevelop more base-like responses to stimulus.

The program was well attended and also saw a shared compassionate questioning. Particularly how mental health would gain a voice in our country and how mental health professionals are under some pressure to deal with a high volume of demand. Another interesting dynamic was the tension between the health department sector manage strains of demand and keep up with legal rights cases demanding attention. This interesting tension between the legalities of children and the performativity perhaps under resourced/pressured health department also further illustrates differing perspectives of mental health sectors.

It was our pleasure to be friends of the PCP program, it is also our sincerest regret that the PCP program had its last hosting and will be moving to a one-on-one approach moving into the future as this has proven most success. PsySSA Student division also raised the question to the audience/panel for the demand of mental health professionals and the low supply by tertiary institutions which are consequently absorbed by the few counsellors, social workers, OTs and lay counsellors.

PsySSA SD hosted live tweeting, if you’d like to catch the highlights feel free to peruse our twitter account @Psyssa_students. We also thank Dr. Hassim and the PCP program coordinators for allowing a concession for PsySSA Members allowing students to attend at a discounted rate.

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