Dr Ewald Crause

Welcome to another edition of PsyTalk, our quarterly bulletin showcasing the work of PsySSA’s Divisions, Standing Committees and Branches. We trust that you will find the content topical and relevant to our context where we choose to practice our profession.

It gives me great pleasure to write this editorial where in particular we would like to express a sincere word of thanks to our outgoing President, Prof Sumaya Laher. Prof Laher has played a pivotal role in negotiating the difficult terrain relating to our Scope of Practice and has sacrificed an exorbitant amount of time on the issue throughout the last year. Not only has she established herself as a PsySSA President who leads by example but it has been her dedication to continue the fight in the most amicable way possible that deserves recognition. Prof Laher’s calm demeanor and shear dedication to push through difficult discussions were noted as key characteristics summarizing her presidency. The situation remains complicated with no solution yet agreed to but it has been a year of great achievements with none more important than the collaboration achieved between psychology professionals. This collaboration bodes well for the future of psychology and we trust that the gains made will become even more telling as we approach the next phase of Psychology’s Scope of Practice.

As many of you would know we are fast approaching our flagship event, i.e., the September Congress which promises to be a wonderful opportunity to network with psychology service providers both locally and internationally. The Annual Congress hosted by PsySSA has always been a highlight for me and over the last couple of years I have been privileged to see the work and effort that goes into making this event a success. Literally months before the opening address the planning commences and do not cease until the last delegate leaves the congress venue. It really is an all-consuming task with great highs and significant challenges for the congress organisers. What few people know is the countless man (or lets call them women) hours that are invested behind the scenes to deliver on all the congress expectations. For the last couple of years I have been privileged to witness and even participate in some of the ‘madness’ surrounding conference planning. It really is an art to pull all the elements together and seeing those who have perfected this skill is shear bliss. But this made me wonder, what is it that allows some people faced with such high-stakes tasks to shine while others to wilt under the pressure? What makes it possible for some people to manage the stress, to overcome the daily struggles, to rise above the challenges and to remain… well, ‘sane’?

After much though, deliberation and mindful conversation… I posit that the key ingredient is simple… “stay in the moment.” Don’t let the enormity of life’s challenges get the best of you. Allow room for thought, time for reflection, and ample opportunity to seize the moment.

Thank you for your interest in PsyTalk and psychology.

We look forward to seeing you at the September conference.

Kind regards,

PsyTalk Ed


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