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BWRT Level 1 Training in Durban a Success

Brain Working Recursive Therapy South Africa held a Level 1 training workshop at the UKZN Nelson Mandela School of Medicine on the 27th and 28th August 2016. Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a new model of psychology, which is based in neuroscience. It was developed in the UK by therapist Terence Watts and it was inspired by Benjamin Libet’s work on human consciousness. The technique has been verified by brain imaging protocols and involves arresting neuronal messages before they reach consciousness and replacing them.

BWRT has been applied to approximately 3 000 patients in South Africa to date and has shown remarkable success with conditions such as performance anxiety, trauma and acute stress reaction, complex grief, mild depression and self-esteem. Its application is still being explored – for example, it has been used successfully in the South African correctional services to create personality and behaviour shifts. The Level 2 course details how to treat more serious psychopathology such as personality disorders, eating disorders, addictions, substance abuse and OCD.

The course presenter was BWRT master trainer, Rafiq Lockart. Rafiq is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience. He completed his studies at the University of Natal in 1988 and worked at various institutions, including Town Hill Psychiatric Hospital, Fort Napier Psychiatric Hospital, Northdale Hospital Psychology Clinic and Valkenburg Psychiatric Clinic. He was a Senior Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape until 2004. Rafiq has served as an Executive Member of the Education, Training and Credentialing Committee, as well as the Preliminary Disciplinary Enquiry Board for the HPCSA. Rafiq is currently a board member of the Rondebosch Medical Centre, which encompasses the Summit Psychiatric Clinic. He also runs a private practice.

rafiq bwrt

BWRT Master Trainer, Rafiq Lockart

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