Anne Kramers-Olen

Editorial Assistant: South African Journal of Psychology

The South African Journal of Psychology

The Editorial team of the South African Journal of Psychology (SAJP) would like to take this opportunity to wish its readers a happy new year, and a fruitful 2016. The first issue of the South African Journal of Psychology 2016 kicked off with an insightful editorial penned by Charles Young and colleagues, titled “Professional boundaries and the identity of counselling psychology in South Africa”. The authors elaborate on the contribution that counselling psychology has to make in the South African context and explore its role in health psychology and community/public health settings, among others.

The much anticipated State of the Science article authored by Michael Roberts and colleagues from the University of Kansas, provides a detailed presentation of the status of clinical child and adolescent psychology in the United States, as well as developments regarding training recommendations for mental health providers working with youth and families. Future considerations in the field of clinical child and adolescent psychology in the context of low income and developing countries are critically presented.

The second issue of 2016 boasts a State of the Science paper, written by Paul Frick from Louisiana State University, which comprehensively reviews risk factors in the development of Conduct Disorder, and presents a stimulating discussion on developmental pathways to Conduct Disorder with a comparison between adolescent-onset and childhood-onset Conduct Disorder. Frick comments on the implications of these developmental pathways for assessment and intervention. This paper is a must-read for mental health professionals working with children and adolescents.

The SAJP is excited to announce that a call is being made for a special section of the Journal in a 2017 issue addressing the theme “Transforming Psychology curricula for relevance in South Africa”. We will be announcing a call for papers soon.

Authors are reminded to read the Manuscript Submission Guidelines (and ensure that they adhere to the prescribed headings) before submitting manuscripts. See The OnlineFirst feature on the Journal’s webpage (available at allows readers to access and cite accepted articles even before they appear in print.

Once again we would like to thank our reviewers for the voluntary contribution that they make to the SAJP.

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