Professor Anthony Pillay

Editor-in-Chief: South African Journal of Psychology

February 2018

The South African Journal of Psychology

The editorial team at the South African Journal of Psychology (SAJP) hopes that all of our readers had an enjoyable and safe holiday season and we look forward to another stimulating year of scholarly development and collaboration.

The year 2017 ended with a bumper special issue of the SAJP devoted to Liberatory and Critical Voices in Decolonising Community Psychology, guest edited by Mohamed Seedat and Shahnaaz Suffla. The issue featured a number of internationally acclaimed critical and community psychology researchers and authors, with works examining and reflecting on knowledge production, the varying influences, and the decolonisation agenda.

The SAJP first issue of 2018 has now appeared and PsySSA members have free access. The State of the Science feature by Ingrid Palmary titled ‘Psychology, migration studies, and their disconnections: a review of existing research and future possibilities’ is a rather distinctive work in the context of current and future levels of migration throughout the world. The urgency and necessity for Psychology as a discipline to get involved is articulated in the paper which also raises migration-related issues of great relevance to Psychology, for example, the mental health of migrants.

The ‘Psychology and hate speech’ Editorial by Melanie Judge and Juan Nel provides an important analysis of the Jon Qwelane hate speech matter which highlights the role that Psychology can play, both in expert testimony and activism. The Editorial, penned by two leaders in the field, follows on earlier pieces that the SAJP has published in this area.

The year ahead already includes an exciting line-up of articles, which can be accessed in their OnlineFirst versions on the Journal’s website.


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