Anne Kramers-Olen

Editorial Assistant: South African Journal of Psychology

The South African Journal of Psychology

The South African Journal of Psychology (SAJP) was proudly on display at the SAGE stand recently at the International Congress of Psychology 2016, hosted in Yokohama. Elizabeth Loftus (who authored the first State of the Science paper in the SAJP a few years ago) did a presentation at the stand, and generated much interest.

The editorial team is excited to announce that the Journal will publish a special issue during 2017 showcasing the papers of keynote and invited speakers from the 6th International Conference on Community Psychology hosted in Durban during May, 2016. Another noteworthy development is the improvement in the impact factor of the Journal.

The third issue of the Journal is now available online. The State of the Science paper featured in this issue is authored by Vanessa Bruce and Stan Kutcher of Dalhousie University, Canada. Bruce and Kutcher critically examine the effectiveness of electronic interventions and mobile applications in improving adolescent mental health. This is a thought-provoking read for those working in child and adolescent mental health.

This issue also boasts a special section containing three papers on research methods and ethics authored by national experts in the field.  In a paper penned by Wassenaar and Slack, practical recommendations are provided for psychology researchers navigating the ethical review process.  Saville Young highlights criteria with which to evaluate qualitative research, pointing out four concepts central to excellence in qualitative research. In her paper, Laher advocates for intensifying methodological rigour by providing guidelines for quantitative research. These are must reads, especially for newer researchers!

The third issue also features papers in the area of developmental trauma; quality of life among South African patients receiving antiretroviral therapy; research psychology interns’ training experiences, as well as a paper exploring the influence of personality and fatalistic belief on taxi driver behaviour. A topical article critically considers the role of interpreters in mental health care, while another elucidates factors influencing career choice in a sample of distance learning students in South Africa. The third issue highlights a paper detailing lesbian, gay and bisexual clients’ experiences with counselling and psychotherapy in South Africa.

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