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Enthooz (Lifestyle Magazine for Goldfields and Beyond) presented the Welkom Campus of the Central University of Technology campus with 5 awards in their annual news makers of the year issue (see attached certificate). Amongst them, the Campus Principal and Chair of SAACP, Dr Solomon Makola, received an award for Local Author of the Year for his Book, FIND MEANING STOP WONDERING, released in September 2016. These awards were presided by 4 journalists from Lejweleputswa District.


Br Dr Sally John

Family Constellations workshop was held in Winston Park, near Durban on the 28th November 2016. It was facilitated by psychologists Rene Stevenson and Adele Marinier. The venue was the Eagle’s View which is a spacious lofty setting with a splendid country view.

Family Constellations is a psycho-spiritual modality of healing and transformation developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It recognises that individual difficulties may be the result of unresolved intergenerational trauma and dynamics. It understands that out of love and loyalty to our families we may unconsciously carry these burdens in our lives.  A wide range of difficulties may be worked on during a constellation, such as physical & psychological illness, addiction, unresolved grief, feelings of alienation & meaninglessness, abuse & interpersonal conflicts.

Participants in the workshop acted out issues in their lives using other participants as pseudo-family members. The facilitators carefully selected relevant participants and placed them in strategic positions around the person who was ‘constellating’. Facilitators prompted engagement between participants. There was much emotion from all concerned including those who observed.

In Family Constellations work, it is not only transformative for participants to constellate their own personal issues, but equally powerful for other supporting individuals in the group who represent aspects of their constellation. Participants reflected that when they represent the members of someone else’s family, there is a surprising resonance with one of their own challenges, questions or difficult dynamics. So in doing so they experience insight, shifts, clarity and healing. Simply witnessing with openness can benefit a participant. What can also happen is that people arrive wanting to constellate, and after experiencing a few constellations no longer feel a need to do so and vice versa.

In Family Constellations workshops, participants are immersed in what is called “The Knowing Field”- which creates something that might be described as a group soul, or personality- and as a result everyone attending a workshop benefits simply by being present.

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