The SEPSA ExCo will provide short information sessions on the appropriate and ethical administrative procedures when claiming from medical aids by request to Educational Psychologist groups. Dr Lizette Matthews can be contacted in this regard.

ExCo responsibility areas, over and above their general functions, are:

  • Chairperson: Dr Lizette Matthews – Legal, Ethics, NHI
  • Vice-Chair Henk Mostert – Monthly communique to members, PsyTalk
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Linda de Rooster – General Communication, Assessment Media /Psychometric Tests liaison
  • Natalie Pretorius – Student liaison, Social Media
  • Trishana Sodi – Liaison Universities, Training/Workshops
  • Dr Machiapata – Liaison Universities
  • Dr Mtandiwesizwe Noqamsa – Advocacy, Media

ExCo members will give feedback on their portfolios in the monthly communication to SEPSA members.

Training is envisaged regarding: ethical psycho-legal assessment; ethical cross-cultural assessment; practical suggestions to ensure an ethical practice, etc. We want to encourage our members to communicate their training needs to us.

Divisional news:

The SEPSA ExCo had numerous meetings to address issues facing Educational Psychologists, i.e. Scope of Practice concerns, Medical Aid non-payment, lack of representation of Educational Psychologists on certain forums, Medical Aid queries and legal letters to Educational Psychologists, etc. Since September 2017, concerns and queries of members were handled telephonically and electronically, via WhatsApp messages, e-mail and SMS.

During January 2018, the SEPSA ExCo also met with Prof Sodi, the current PsySSA President to discuss matters affecting the division. Prof Sodi reiterated that PsySSA is a growing organization and striving to be a body with representatives that truly listen to the concerns of members. Further engagements are planned in the coming months.

A SEPSA Special General Meeting also took place at UNISA on 3 February 2018, with a focus on medical aid queries of psychology claims. Information and legal advice were given about the relevant do’s and don’ts ito managing queries in an ethical way.

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