The 1st Pan-African Psychology Union Congress, held in Durban from 18-21 September 2017, has been a highlight for the Sexuality and Gender Division (SGD).  The Division was presented with the ‘Most Improved Division’ award for the second time in it’s short existence, which reflects the dynamism and relevance of the division.  In our area of work, the congress saw nearly 40 paper presentations by speakers representing many African countries; 4 symposiums ranging from critical masculinities, sexual violence, critical heterosexualities, queering sexualities and shaping sexualities; 2 invited addresses (Kopano Ratele and Juan Nel); and the launch of a book by Melanie Judge titled ‘Blackwashing Homophobia’.  This meant that scholars and practitioners interested in this area of work had at least one, if not more choices, of presentations throughout the congress duration!  As always, our AGM was a dynamic affair, with some discussions lasting well into the night.  We welcome Melanie Judge to the Executive and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

The SGD executive (front left to right): Juan Nel (Vice), Chris McLachlan, Pierre Brouard, Peace Kiguwa (Chair), Yaseen Ally, Casey Blake, Melanie Judge, Niel Victor

Feminism & Psychology/ PsySSA Sexuality and Gender Division: Student Presentation Prize

Feminism & Psychology and the PsySSA Sexuality & Gender Division inaugurated a prize for best student presentation in the field of sexuality and gender at the 2017 PAPU Congress, 18th-22nd   September in Durban ICC. The prize consists of a certificate and a year’s subscription to Feminism & Psychology (besides the prestige, worth around R1 500.00). Feminism & Psychology is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for debate at the interface between feminism and psychology. The journal’s principal aim is to foster the development of feminist theory and practice in and beyond psychology. It publishes high-quality original research, theoretical articles, and commentaries (

SGD_2.jpgYanele Ndabula from UCKAR received this year’s prize for her presentation titled Sistering and sexual socialization: A psychosocial study of Xhosa women’s ‘sex and reproduction talk’ with their sisters. Yanele Ndabula is a student at the University Currently Known as Rhodes.  Her work was supervised by Prof Catriona Macleod. The executive committee of the Sexuality and Gender Division and the editors of Feminism & Psychology warmly congratulate her on this award.

This prize represents one of three awarded by Feminism & Psychology in conjunction with Psychology Societies. The other two are awarded for best student paper submitted to the Psychology of Women Section of the British Psychological Society, and for the best student presentation at Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI).

Yanela Ndabula (second from left) with SGD Chair Dr Peace Kiguwa and runner –ups.
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