Sexology Masterclass

On 19 August, the SGD in collaboration with the Southern African Sexual Health Association, will present a Sexology Masterclass with the theme “Facilitating holistic sexual wellness”.

The day-long session is aimed at psychologists and registered counsellors, psychiatrists and other medical professionals who work or are interested in the field of sexology. The aim of the event is to develop a deeper understanding of sexuality and sexual wellness among therapeutic professionals; to develop therapists’ confidence in exploring sexuality and related issues; and to promote healthy sexuality among clients accessing therapeutic and medical services in South Africa.

The themes that will be explored in the session include working therapeutically with clients who are sexually and gender non-normative; talking about pleasure; taking an asset-driven sexual history; and the ethics of working with sex and gender.

This will be a full-day session, and will be CPD accredited. Costs are R200 for SGD members and R500 for non-SGD members, and includes a light lunch. The session will take place in Johannesburg; the specific venue will be announced soon.

For more information, please contact Casey Blake at or Ella Kotze at

Queer Theory Reading Group

Starting in July 2017, the Sexuality and Gender Division will be facilitating a monthly Queer Theory Reading Group. The aim of the group is to provide a mutual learning community for therapists and researchers working within the field of psychology in South Africa. While each meeting will vary in theme and content, the group will aim to explore and interrogate queerness as a construct, and to uncover its potential applications to the therapeutic and research practice of psychology in South Africa. It will also aim to uncover the implications of queer theory to pertinent issues such as race, class and disability. The group will engage in monthly discussions focused on both classic and contemporary queer theory texts.

SGD members are automatically members of the reading group. Non-SGD members are also invited to join the group at a membership fee of R160 per year. Group meetings will be CPD accredited.

While the group will initially convene in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, it is our hope that meetings will eventually take place across the country, effectively decentralising knowledge production in the field.

If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please contact Ella Kotze at

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