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Division Exec Members have been part of and offered a number of workshops, conferences and presentations related to sexual and gender topics and interests.

Yaseen Ally presented at a seminar along with Professor Anderson J Franklin, Emeritus Professor of Clinical and Social Psychology from Boston College and Graduate School of The City University of New York. The seminar was entitled “The presence of hegemonic masculinity in a potentially pro-womxn society” (18 July 2018). The seminar brought together researchers, students and scholars from various disciplines.

On the 2nd and 3rd of August, Pierre Brouard and Dr Christi Kruger, both of the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender, are participating as respondents and moderators in a two day colloquium of The Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria. The colloquium is titled “Reading the LGBTI category at the locale: indigenising stigmatised non-heteronormative African sexualities and genders”. The colloquium brings together scholars and researchers from different disciplines, including anthropology, cultural studies, history, human rights, law, philosophy, theology and sociology from the African region and beyond.

The Mail & Guardian, in partnership with the Higher Education and Training HIV/AIDS Programme (HEAIDS) and the department of psychology at University of the Witwatersrand, will host a Critical Thinking Forum (CTF) August 14, 2018 at Senate Hall(Wits University).The event will be from 18h00 until 20h30.  The CTF will focus on the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity, specifically the role of institutions of higher learning in destabilising heteronormativity.   

The SGD has been invited by the South African College of Applied Psychology to an LGBTI seminar (date TBC). Niel Victor will be representing the division at the seminar.


Feminism & Psychology has issued a Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Feminisms and decolonizing psychology. Due date for Submission: November 15, 2018. Queries may be sent to the editors: Catriona Macleod (, Sunil Bhatia ( or Wen Liu (

The 2nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 23 – 27 July 2018: A new report by the International AIDS Society and Lancet Commission, released online on Thursday, says the world was not on track to end AIDS by 2030, as envisioned as part of global Sustainable Development Goals. Linda-Gail Bekker, president of the International AIDS Society and lead author of the Commission’s report, indicated that current approaches to HIV control were not adequate to contain it by 2030, posing major implications for countries like India and South Africa. South Africa had the largest HIV-infected population, an estimated 7.1 million people, followed by Nigeria, where 3.2 million people are estimated to be living with HIV. India, with 2 million estimated HIV infected people, is third on the list.

Food for Thought?

“Psychologists in general need to make a bigger contribution to understanding and addressing sexual harassment” said Pierre Brouard, reflecting on news regarding protests at the 2nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23 – 27 July 2018 ( The article indicates that “hundreds of delegates walked out of the opening of the International AIDS Conference on Monday night in protest when UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe took the stage. Before the walkout, a group of African women read out a statement in protest against Sidibe’s mishandling of a sexual assault case against his former deputy, Luiz Loures. The women read out a statement calling for Sidibe to step down for what they say was a cover-up then walked out, followed by a large number of delegates”.

Implicit to this, is that the intersection of gender rights and sexuality requires a revival of interest from psychologists to further understand sexual harassment.

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