Saths Cooper

In a glittering Opening Ceremony which saw the choreographed energy of university Samurai performers, an address by Princess Kiko de Akishino who holds a PhD in psychology, a fascinating engagement by robotics Prof Horoshi Ishiguro with a replica of himself, welcome by the mayor and other dignitaries, SA’s Saths Cooper was the only non-Japanese guest of honour. The PsySSA presidency and other leadership were quite visible in the scientific programme – which included Keynote Addresses by Jane Goodall, Nancy Eisenberg and Elizabeth Loftus – and other ICP events. Ann Watts convened the IUPsyS Secretary-General’s Symposium on WHO and its ICD revisions. Cooper’s IUPsyS Presidential Address asked “Are ethics and human rights compatible?” His Presidential Symposium “Not in our name: Psychology post-Hofmann” included a statement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the participation of APA President Susan McDaniel.

Prof Tholene Sodi led the SA delegation to the IUPsyS Quadrennial Assembly. Fatima Seedat who served on the IUPsyS Nominations Committee was the additional SA voting delegate. The Clinical division’s Karl Swain and Nishola Rawatlal helped with the Assembly registration. The Taiwanese Psychological Association was admitted as the newest country member, and the Arab Union of Psychological Sciences (AUPsyS), the International Council of Psychology Educators (ICOPE), and the Pan-African Psychology Union (PAPU) were admitted as the newest IUPsyS Affiliates.

Watts was elected without opposition as the IUPsyS Secretary-General. Former BPS President Pam Maras beat a Spanish contender to become President-Elect, and Malaysia’s Goh Chee Leong was elected Treasurer. The IUPsyS statutes were amended to enable a directly elected Secretary-General and Treasurer and the new President-Elect position. Cooper was unanimously asked to remain as President until 2018, when Maras will become the first female to lead this prestigious and oldest international psychology body. SA is the only country to have two officers on the IUPsyS leadership, testimony to the country’s strategic engagement and positioning in Psychology’s Global Voice.

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