1. What was your involvement in the PAPU congress
  1. What did you find stimulating about the conference
  1. What were the areas for improvement?

I facilitated (with other postgrads) the Psychology exhibition stand with the IOP Dept. for general psychology queries and also attended the conference talks, specifically the talks and workshops on emerging stances of African Psychological Research and also engagement with international delegates and presenters. There were too many presentations, too close together which created frustration when moving from one to another. More disciplined official timing of talks is needed – some went over too long and caused problems with attending subsequent talks in different venues. The lunch offerings were not up to standard as per other international and national conferences, especially on the last day when they ran out of food, and would have done nothing about it, if complaints had not been received – AO

I was just an attendee at the conference and what I found interesting was how the research presentations approached a single idea from different perspectives where an individual could interrogate between the different voices that spoke about one topic.  I would suggest that they improve on their communication especially around issues of the unavailability of presenters because I found myself pitching up for presentations where the presenters were not there and it was not communicated to the attendees – GM

I attended the congress as a delegate. The topics and the attendees really reflected the plurality of psychology and provide an opportunity to learn different worldviews. Although the conference was of an international standard, some improvements such as allocating a lunch time could have allowed time for all attendees to network at the same space of time. Overall it was a success! – SD

I attended the PAPU conference and presented a community-based evaluation a team of researchers have done in changing gender perceptions in the school, family and community in Southern Ethiopia.  The wide variety of topics is usually interesting to me. Perspectives of psychologists from different countries made it more interesting. I missed a specific community focus in this programme. I understand that this was the first joint conference and that the concept of African psychology is rather new. The invited papers often focused on a theoretical perspective of the value of psychology in Africa and did not focus on practical work done. I would have liked to get a picture of psychology in each of those countries and what they focus on.    MV


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