PsySSA KZN-DPPG Monthly Meetings:

The Durban Practicing Psychologists Group (DPPG) and PsySSA KZN Branch co-hosted three monthly CPD meetings since January. Topics included “Marriage in Contemporary Zulu Society: Implications for Couples Counselling” by social worker Dr Cathy Haselau; “Issues in Medico-Legal Assessments” by Dr Ebrahim Chohan; and “Family and Systemic Constellations Work: An Experiential Presentation” by Ms Cathy Geils, a Clinical Psychologist who is working on this topic for her PhD.  The topic for the May meeting is “The Neurobiology of Addiction”, which will be presented by the Choose Life Specialist Recovery Centre CEO and Clinical Psychologist, Michael Theron. The meetings over the next few months will cover the following topics: Solution Focused Therapy; Sex and Pornography addictions; and specific issues with HIV sero-discordant couples: the EBAN method.

A reminder that meetings take place on the last Wednesday of every month at Audacia Manor, Durban from 17:30-18:30 and all DPPG and PsySSA KZN members are invited to attend.

Scope of Practice Meeting:

The PsySSA KZN branch hosted an open forum on the debate around the scope of practice at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus on 20 April 2017. The meeting was well attended by over 30 practitioners from across all registration categories. PsySSA Executive Committee Member, Ms Lucinda Johns, facilitated the discussions and the proposed models were discussed at length by the attendees. The discussion ranged from issues around undergraduate and postgraduate training to changes in registrations categories, as well as the acknowledgement of the need for intersectorial and other stakeholder discussions.

3rd Annual Durban Mental Health Symposium

As a partner of the Durban Mental Health Advocacy Group, the PsySSA KZN Branch will support the hosting of the 3rd annual symposium in July, which is an interdisciplinary mental health event held at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and organized by the psychiatry and psychology departments of the King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex. A save the date will follow shortly, as well as a proposed programme.

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