Dr Ewald Crause

A mentor once told me in the midst of discussions around my future and how I see my career unfold that one should never forget that “life happens”. Today I have yet again realised how profound those two words can be for us all.

Despite how we try and exert control over what we deem important in our lives, the reality is that we often end up in a situation that calls for a ‘rethink’ and even possibly a realignment strategy to ensure at least partial attainment of our goals.

This, I believe, is exactly where we as psychology service providers find ourselves post the RelPAG and HPCSA court case.

What I have come to realise is that no matter what your specific area of practice is (and by implication your views on the outcome), we all have had discussions about the future of Psychology.

I want to posit that most (if not all of us) have had multiple conversation around the Scope of Practice, the role of the HPCSA as regulator, the training offered at tertiary institutions, the role that medical aid schemes play (and should play) in patient mental healthcare and why you even ended up in the profession. These discussions have not been limited to only those practitioners who share your registration category but in most cases have allowed us to connect with our brothers and sisters.

I would hope that these conversation will not cease now that a settlement has been reached between the parties concerns. And here is the important realisation… a settlement (by default) suggests that all stakeholders walked away from the discussions with something they can take forward.

It is my humble opinion that we have much more in common as practitioners, academics and students than what our Scope of Practice might have led many to believe. In continuing our conversation about Psychology we might actually find ourselves on the vanguard of resulting real positive change in our profession but also resulting change in access for communities outside of the sphere of private practice.

“Life happens”, now we have to find a way forward.

May you have a wonderful festive season.

Best wishes,


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