PsySSA and KPA will share mutual objectives with respect to the advancement of psychology, and provide joint consultation and cooperation in Korea and South Africa, if there is mutual concerns. To do so, the executives of the PsySSA and the KPA will maintain regular communication to discuss matters of common concern. Furthermore, the KPA and the PsySSA will seek to identify specific projects and activities in all areas of psychological science, practice, and education, in which they may work together, assist or support one another.

Founded in 1946, KPA is the oldest and the largest academic organization in Korea with 16,000 members, 15 divisions, 14 scholarly journals, and a total of 19 certificate programs in specialized areas. Members of KPA have contributed to the advancement of psychological schience on the international stage as well as in Korea by producing cuting-edge research and highly influential practices. As a founding member of the Tri-National Psychology Forum (Korea-Japan-China) and the newly launched Asia-Pacific Psychology Alliance, KPA is taking a key role in the development of psychology in the Asia-Pacific region.



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