Anthony Pillay, Juan Nel, Sumaya Laher & Fatima Seedat


The ICP 2016 in Yokohama, Japan (24-29 July) with the theme ‘Diversity in Harmony: Insights from Psychology’ was undoubtedly a memorable event for all who attended. There was a good selection of presentations, the organization was of a high standard and the venue and surroundings made for a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. For those who took the time to travel further and soak up the Japanese sights and culture I am certain that they were well rewarded.

Notwithstanding all that was Japanese and meeting colleagues from elsewhere in the world, it was most pleasing to meet as many South African psychology colleagues as one did over the conference week. It was wonderful to bump into our local colleagues at this huge event that reportedly drew around 7000 delegates.

Clearly PsySSA and South African Psychology were well represented. PsySSA presented a symposium based on the experiences of hosting the ICP2012 in Cape Town.

ICP2020 will be hosted in Prague, Czech Republic, and colleagues from this committee were very keen to learn from the South African experiences presented. It is also encouraging that the Emerging Psychologist Programme at ICP2016 chose to maintain a number of activities initiated for Emerging Psychologists in Cape Town in 2012. Ms Neo Pule was amongst the emerging scholars chosen to attend the Programme.

Apart from attendance (and sightseeing) many of our SA colleagues presented papers and acquitted themselves extremely well – it was a proud feeling attending some of the South African presentations! There is no doubt that our work compares very favourably in the international arena.

In total over 150 South Africans attended the conference and presented 132 papers making South Africa the largest African contributor and the fifth largest country represented at the conference. Given this and the country’s history with IUPsyS it is regrettable that only one keynote address was allocated to a South African. Voices from Africa and the global South could have been more actively represented in the invited addresses and symposia. PsySSA is actively involved in alerting the Union to this, to ensure a better representation of global psychology in Prague and subsequent ICP events.

PsySSA signed two MOUs whilst in Yokohama, with the Colombian College of Psychologists and the Korean Psychological Association.

The South African Journal of Psychology (SAJP) was among the SAGE journals showcased at the conference. The SAGE stand that promoted the SAJP also hosted a presentation from Elizabeth Loftus who wrote the SAJP’s first State of the Science feature on false memories (insert link).

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