Dear PsySSA Member,

PsySSA would like to take this opportunity to wish its members a joyful festive season and a fruitful 2018.

The year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and this year is no different.  With your support, PsySSA provided members with an inexpensive,  highly beneficial membership package comprising free access to cutting-edge, topical psychological research through the South African Journal of Psychology and PsyTalk; the first-ever Pan-African Psychology Congress; exceptionally low-cost professional indemnity insurance and numerous CPD activities.

Additionally, PsySSA has been responsive in dealing with significant challenges facing psychology in  South Africa . The Society engaged with the relevant bodies regarding issues on the scope of practice, medical aid schemes and psychological test review guidelines. PsySSA has also been responsive to other societal issues both locally and internationally, in line with its objective to enhance psychological well-being.

After a busy year of representing, advocating for and defending our members, our staff will also be taking a break. The PsySSA Office will close on Friday, 15th December 2017, and  re-open on Wednesday, 10th January 2018.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued support this year. PsySSA is, indeed “us” – “we” are PsySSA and we welcome your engagement!

On behalf of the PsySSA Executive, Council, Office and all PsySSA Divisions and Structures, we wish you an enjoyable, safe and rejuvenating holiday season.  We look forward to welcoming you back next year!

Kind regards,

PsySSA Executive and Office

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