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Member news:

Member News:

Elzette Fritz, co-director of MEISA (Milton Ericksonian Institute of South Africa) and Fred Schouwink presented a workshop titled, THE JOURNEY FROM CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY on the 8th of July 2016 at Saheti Greek school. This workshop aimed to utilise creative expressive arts in therapy towards transformation, considering the four stages of the butterfly. Delegates found the experiential engagement uplifting, enriching and energising. The difference between creative expressive arts therapy and the arts used in therapy was highlighted and the relevance of somatic experiences, especially in trauma, emphasised.


Workshop suggestion: SEPSA has approached Eleanor Bubb to present a workshop on Paediatric Neuropsychology specifically for Educational Psychologists. This will be done early next year in Gauteng and the Western Cape. This will be a basic introduction of concepts in paediatric neuroscience. SEPSA members will be informed of the exact dates and venue.

The following will be briefly covered:

  • Introduction to neuropsychology and paediatric neuropsychology
  • Basic neuroanatomy – relevant functions in different parts of the brain, etc; this will be very basic and simple
  • Development of the brain and why this is relevant for us to know when looking at child development and therapy
  • Information processing
  • Consideration of learning difficulties from a neuropsychology perspective
  • How neuropsychology assessment differs from an educational/scholastic assessment
  • Influence of cerebral infections on neuropsychological functioning
  • Traumatic brain injury and influence on educational outcome

Divisional news :

  • Examination concessions – the Gauteng Department of Education is busy reviewing the current document dealing with concessions. The new national policy will be received by SEPSA soon and put on the website. A list of concession representatives in Gauteng will also be put up.
  • Medical Aid Update – SEPSA considered applying for amicus curiae in the court case between Relpag and the HPCSA. PsySSA has however applied to act as facilitator in a meeting between the Board and Relpag. SEPSA therefore decided to support the facilitation / mediation process and decided not to apply for amicus.
  • Test Review and Classification – SEPSA requested the PsySSA Executive to be kept in the loop regarding new developments and stakeholder meetings.
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