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Can we as psychology professionals be agents of change…

As I write this editorial I find myself contemplating a question which I have wondered about for some time now, yet completely ignored. On many levels I suppose I am doing exactly what I advocate my clients not to do, “by ignoring an issue in your life it does not go away.” So here it is, the question that I have ignored is the following:

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June 2016 • Issue 2

President’s message

President’s Corner

Since our last issue of PsyTalk the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) has been busy with numerous matters pertaining to our members, Psychology at large and society. In many ways these involvements speak to the roles and responsibilities of an organization such as PsySSA and especially how we view the future of the organization, its identity and member expectations. In this respect some insightful deliberations are currently taking place at the level of the Executive which will hopefully develop over the course of the year and be discussed…

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South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis (SASCH)

 SASCH ExCo Announcements: Elementary Hypnosis training took place on the 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th of April 2016 and was highly successful. The...
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Division for Research and Methodology (DRM)

 Lindo Ubhisi Divisional news: Research Textbook The DRM is currently compiling a research methods book titled: Social Science Research in South...
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South African Society for Clinical Psychologists (SASCP)

 Kirsten Clark & Karl Swain PsySSA KZN and SASCP Host Workshop on Legislation and the Child The PsySSA KZN Branch, the South African Society for...
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Student Division

Robyn Murray Chairperson of the research committee Student Division Research Committee Working Hard Psychological research is not only critical for...
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Sexuality and Gender Division (SGD)

 Dr Peace Kiguwa Member news: Wits university has partnership with Aids Accountability International (AAI) for a regional Studying Sexuality Project...
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Lead Article

Violence & Trauma: A new start to an old problem…

Violence in South Africa is currently a hot topic largely due to the #feesmustfall movement and all the complexities around the continued transformation of our society and a legion of related issues. Most of what we have seen in recent media reports have focused on violence and trauma perpetrated on a large scale in high profile settings such as universities and municipalities.

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Congratulations to Dr. Mpsanyana W Makgahlela for completing his doctorate

Dr. Mpsanyana W Makgahlela is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Psychology lecturer based at the UKZN, Howard College Campus. He is a PsySSA...
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OBITUARY: Nosipho Laura Thathi

Nosipho Laura Thathi was born on the 15th of May 1969 in Soweto. She was the eldest daughter of Nomathamisanqa Thathi and S’lumko Khmabule. Nosipho...
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Dr Watts completes her term as President of INS

Dr Ann D. Watts, President of INS, and Dr Erik Hessen, President of FESN As many of our PsySSA members and PsyTalk readers know, Dr Ann Watts has...
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South African Journal of Psychology

Anne Kramers-Olen Editorial Assistant: South African Journal of Psychology The South African Journal of Psychology The second issue of the South...
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PsySSA KwaZulu-Natal Branch

In memorium It is with great sadness that we advise members of the passing of Gabi Kell. Gabi was a well-known and respected Counselling...
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Featured Articles

Mental health in Norwegian schools: One book is missing

It is not often that we see political initiatives turned into government policies within a year. That happened in Norway this year.
The project – “The book that is missing” – aiming to introduce psychology to the school curriculum was launched by an alliance of psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, pupils and patients organizations in Norway last year.

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News from the American Psychological Association

APA reports on a “train-the-trainer” program developed in its Public Interest Directorate to prevent child abuse and neglect and to promote positive parenting.

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Psychologists working in Community Settings: Filling the Void (SAACP)

The South African Government has stated that, if a person has a physical or mental disability which makes this person unfit to work for a period of longer than six months, he/she can apply for a disability grant.

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Tips for novice researchers (DRM)

Entering the field of research as a novice can be overwhelming and intimidating. Through the careers workshop and our experience in training new researchers looking to enter the field, I have identified a number of recurring concerns which we have reframed as tips to help you take the first steps in to the world of research.

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Putting gender back on the agenda: engaging gender-based violence on campuses (SGD)

The very recent student protests on Rhodes campus have been critical for producing heightened debate and attention to the crisis of gender-based violence and harm on our university campuses. Students at the university have been protesting the normalization of a culture of rape on campus. Earlier in the same month of April, the Feesmustfall student movement was in the spotlight following homophobic and sexist assault by male protesters against black, queer bodies.

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The exploration of alternative approaches to mental health care at Itsoseng Clinic for children (CaSP)

Resources for people experiencing mental health problems in under-resourced areas such as townships outside cities are few and largely inadequate in most areas of South Africa. Typically, residents have to travel long and costly distances to access mainstream health care facilities and mental health facilities are almost non-existent in most places.

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Private Practice Submissions

Regulations relating to Indemnity cover for Psychologists

RE: MEDICAL MALPRACTICE /PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY FOR PSYSSA MEMBERS As Medical Malpractice / Professional Indemnity covers is mandatory for all...
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Private practitioners please update your details on the PsySSA Directory

Improve your online profile and visibility We have received feedback from our members on how we could improve the PsySSA Directory. Some of the...
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ICCP2016 – 6th International Conference on Community Psychology

We bring to your attention a statement adopted by delegates at the Closing Session of the 6th International Conference on Community Psychology, in Durban, South Africa on 30 May 2016. Kindly sign in solidarity and circulate across your respective networks. Your support is much appreciated.

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