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Finding meaning in moments of chaos and disappointment…

Welcome to another edition of PsyTalk, our quarterly bulletin showcasing the work of PsySSA’s Divisions, Standing Committees and Branches. We trust that you will find the content topical and relevant to our profession.
Finding meaning in moments of chaos and disappointment is not easy, especially when we need to figure out who is the client and who is the therapist.

November 2018 • Issue 4

PsySSA President: Dr Helen Dunbar-Krige

President’s Corner

2019 is a pivotal year for PsySSA as it is our 25th anniversary and we are looking forward in 2019 to the 25th PsySSA celebratory conference from 2 to 6 September in Johannesburg. We will keep you posted through the PsySSA website. We hope that you will participate. The aim of our celebratory year is to become forward looking in terms of Psychology in South Africa.

PsySSA Presidency: Prof Sodi (Past President), Dr Dunbar-Krige (PsySSA President), Prof Stevens (President Elect)


Call for Manuscripts for Online Readings in Research Methods (ORIM)

Researchers in the social sciences in developing contexts such as South Africa utilise research methods in innovative ways in order to respond to the diversity present in the country’s population as well as to the unique circumstances pertaining to the country. These methods often remain undocumented but if exposed to a broader audience they would have the potential to contribute much to the quality of research scholarship in similar contexts.

WPATH Outstanding Student Contribution Award: Runner-up Christine McLachlan

The African Journal of Psychological Assessment (AJOPA) focusses on original research studies, theoretical papers, test reviews and methods papers in the areas of psychometrics and psychological assessment. Manuscripts must demonstrate a clear contribution to the field and be relevant to the African context.

Fort Napier and Town Hill Hospitals’ 20th Annual World Mental Health Symposium

Fort Napier and Town Hill Hospitals’ hosted their historic 20th Annual Mental Health Day Symposium on 11th October at the Iris Marwick College (Town Hill Hospital) in commemoration of World Mental Health Day.

DRM Announcement: Upcoming Events (Scholarships Opportunities, Conferences, and CPD workshops)

Scholarship Opportunities Commonwealth Master's and PhD Scholarships  These scholarships are suitable for candidates from low- and middle-income...

New publication: Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Written by experts from various methodological fi elds, Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences is a comprehensive collation of original essays and cutting-edge research that demonstrates the variety of novel techniques and research methods available to researchers responding to these context-bound issues.

AJOPA Call for Papers

The African Journal of Psychological Assessment (AJOPA) focusses on original research studies, theoretical papers, test reviews and methods papers in the areas of psychometrics and psychological assessment. Manuscripts must demonstrate a clear contribution to the field and be relevant to the African context.

Notice from the PsySSA Office

Mamela Psychology: Looking Back

We recently hosted the 24th Annual PsySSA Conference and according to our feedback, it has been one of the most successful conferences yet! On behalf of our Members, Council and the Executive, we would like to express our appreciation to the conference team for their hard work.

We have provided a brief overview of the Congress highlights in this issue of PsyTalk.


Psychological Society of South Africa

A 1st for Congress: Visual Sketching

Mamela Psychology: Feedback from Divisions & Structures

PsySSA Structures

Divisional News

Student Division

Member News Step Up for Mental Health On October 7th, the Students Society of Psychology at the University at Kwa-Zulu Natal volunteered at the 3rd...

Sexuality and Gender Division (SGD)

Division Exec Members have been part of and offered a number of workshops, conferences and presentations related to sexual and gender topics and interests.
Yaseen Ally presented at a seminar along with Professor Anderson J Franklin, Emeritus Professor of Clinical and Social Psychology from Boston College and Graduate School of The City University of New York.

Division for Research and Methodology (DRM)

DRM ExCo Member News Our Chairperson, Ms Lynn Hendricks, has been awarded a Global Minds PhD Fellowship focusing on the Sustainable Development...

Divisional Articles Headlines

Taking a Leap of Faith (DRM)

To have a career, a vocation or a calling is the modern age dream. Many of us have been socialised from a young age to think about our future, think about the steps we need to take to solidify financial wealth and retire happy. In my world, this was often along the lines of…

Tips for researchers (DRM)

Tips for Students Writing Research Psychology Papers

Bringing ‘community’ into the conversation: Highlights from the Community and Social Psychology Division (CaSP)

The recent discussion between Eusebius McKaiser and Mazibuko K Jara on the place of liberalism in South Africa sparked an interesting question on mental health provision in a liberal democracy such as ours. In reading these discussions, I was reminded about a simple and yet incisive point about liberalism given by Professor Lewis Gordon, at the Unisa Decolonial Summer School in Tshwane earlier this year, in which he noted that the problem with liberalism is that it reduces the political to the individual.

Membership Section



The South African Journal of Psychology publishes peer-reviewed contributions in English from all fields of psychology. Whilst the emphasis is on empirical research, the journal also accepts theoretical and methodological papers, review articles, short communications, book reviews, and letters commenting on articles published in the journal. Priority is given to articles relevant to Africa and that address psychological issues of social change and development.


Read the latest article on PsySSA’s Mail & Guardian’s ThoughLeader. Click on the image to visit the page.

PsySSA Training Venue

PsySSA’s office training facilities is situated in the heart of Parktown and offers members and non-members a state of the art training venue. It is the perfect setting for any training, strategic planning, team-building and workshops.

PsySSA is one of the smaller more intimate training venues and can accommodate 30 delegates in the training room.

A fully equipped venue with 2 wide screens, data projectors, PA system and white board/s. Other facilities and amenities include: Air conditioning (heating/cooling); Flipchart board; projector; Wi-Fi; Water; Tea and Coffee; easy access via Gautrain.

It is possible to arrange for up to two other breakaway rooms. Please visit the website for more details